Polyslicer 1000

Polyslicer 1000

The Thurne PolySlicer 1000 offers versatility, slicing accuracy and high throughput for cold cut applications.

The slicer is the ideal choice for processors who require a compact, versatile and easy to use machine with a large slicing aperture for efficient multi-log slicing of stacks, shingles or wafer-thin slice packs.

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Features & Benefits

  • High speed involute or orbital blade option
  • High performance involute blade running at up to 1500 rev/min
  • Orbital blade for delicate or large products running at up 600 rev/min
  • Product retraction eliminates sliver slices
  • Variety of pack presentation formats
  • Compact footprint
  • Optional Interleaver can be retrofitted
  • Optional Variety Conveyor can be retrofitted
  • Optional Stacker for tall stacks ‹80mm

Interleaver Option

  • Independent cutting of paper and of product
  • Optimisation of the product blade for the application and increased blade life
  • Twin lane operation running at up to 700rpm
  • Can interleave single slices within a shingle or stack (<80mm) and/or insert a sheet under complete groups (underleave)
  • Controllable paper positioning for excellent presentation
  • Easy access for quick reel change and cleaning
  • Available for retrofit at a later stage

Fully Integrated Slicing Systems

Thurne supplies fully integrated slicing and packing lines for cooked and cured meat packs.

You benefit from:

  • A safe, balanced and effective line
  • Maximum performance
  • Single source supply and support
  • Simplified line certification

Example: Polyslicer 1000 Line

Polyslicer1000 Slicing & Packing Line

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