IBS1000 Bacon Slicer

IBS 1000

The IBS 1000 Bacon Slicer offers high quality retail and wholesale back, belly and middle bacon slicing for manual packing operations in a compact footprint.

The slicer was developed based on proven technology to suit small and medium sized processors who are looking to improve slice quality while increasing throughput and yields.

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Features & Benefits

  • High speed bacon blade of up to 1650rpm for consistent slice thickness and integrity
  • Small, space saving footprint
  • Fast reload of <6 seconds
  • Gripper fed for minimum butt ends (80-100g typical)
  • Yield improvement of 1.5 to 2%
  • Hygienic, stainless steel construction to ‘ready to eat’ product standards; CE marked
  • Simple to operate and maintain
  • Optional Underleaver for layout and platter food service drafts

Vision Option

  • Adjusts the thickness of each slice to significantly improve first time on-weights, reducing rework rates and giveaway
  • Slicer on-weight percentages in excess of 90%
  • Anticipated giveaway of 1% or less for on-weight packs
  • For best performance, a process weigher is recommended to provide weight feedback

Fully Integrated Systems

Thurne supplies slicing and packing lines for the production of all common retail and food service bacon packs. As part of The Middleby Corporation, we can cover all steps of the production process: from pressing and loading of bacon primals to slicing and packing drafts into thermoformed packs, with optimum performance.

You benefit from:

  • A safe, balanced and effective line
  • Maximum performance
  • Single source supply and support
  • Simplified line certification

Example: IBS 1000 Retail Line

IBS1000 Retail Bacon Slicing Line

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