Polyslicer 1000

CP 1000

The CP 1000 Carpaccio Slicer is based on the popular Thurne PolySlicer 1000 model and has been optimised for slicing of wafer-thin Carpaccios.

The machine is available with an orbital head, enabling slicing of stacked (<40mm) and shingled and retail and food service packs at high speeds up to 600 rpm.

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Features & Benefits

  • Efficient multi-log slicing of stacks and shingles
  • Orbital blade provides gentle cutting action for accurate thin slicing at up to 600 rpm
  • Carpaccio specific change parts maximise product control, thus optimising performance and presentation
  • Product retraction eliminates sliver slices
  • Hygienic construction designed for ready to eat applications
  • Optional Predictive Technology improves first time on-weights when slicing moulded logs

Interleaver Option

  • Independent cutting of paper and of product
  • Optimisation of the product blade for the application and increased blade life
  • Twin lane operation running at up to 600rpm
  • Can interleave single slices within a shingle or stack (<80mm) and/or insert a sheet under complete groups (underleave)
  • Controllable paper positioning for excellent presentation
  • Easy access for quick reel change and cleaning
  • Available for retrofit at a later stage

Variety Conveyor Option

  • Produces a wide variety of portion patterns enabling processors to respond to retail trends
  • Patterns include circles, interlaced and overlapped shingles

Fully Integrated Slicing Systems

As part of the Middleby Group, Thurne can supply fully integrated slicing and packing systems. We can integrate PacproInc Underleaving units into our lines to provide complete slicing lines for underleaved carpaccio rosettes.

You benefit from:

  • A safe, balanced and effective line
  • Maximum performance
  • Single source supply and support
  • Simplified line certification

Example: CP 1000 Carpaccio Slicing & Sheeting Line

Versatile and efficient production of underleaved Carpaccio rosettes.

CP1000 Underleaved Carpaccio Rosette Line

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