New Generation IBS 4600 Precooked Bacon Slicer

Thurne present the new generation of their precooked bacon slicer – the IBS 4600 Global TX.

When the original IBS 4600 slicer was introduced back in 2011, the four-lane, four-blade slicer took the US precooked streaky bacon market by storm by demonstrating enhanced performance and cost savings from the get-go, with more consistent slice thickness and quality as well as improved cook and pack yields among the highlights.

“The IBS 4600 has become the preferred choice for precooked bacon processors,” Andy Neal, Sales Director at Thurne, explains. “It’s easy to use and maintain, reliable, highly efficient and delivers consistent slice quality with rapid payback.”

The new generation of the slicer offers further improvements on the original’s well-established performance, delivering even more consistent slicing, higher volumes, and higher yields.

The IBS4600 Global TX adds the ability to slice a wider range of products including multiple logs of up to 140mm diameter, with dedicated change parts delivering optimum process control and performance for each application. This broadens the scope of the slicer, as the new specification can also accommodate non-bacon products to suit the production of meat snacks, such as salami style meat crisps.

Cooperation with Thurne’s Middleby sister brands offers a wide range of integration opportunities both up- and downstream. Upstream, Scanico inline smoking, MP Equipment belly trimming and Danfotech bacon pressing equipment optimise product preparation. Downstream, an advanced oven link to Alkar’s TurboChef oven delivers enhanced cookout control while PacproInc’s ProStax® cooked bacon stacker underleaves the cooked slices, ensuring convenience in foodservice use.