New Cheese Slicer

CS1000 Slicer Interleaving Cheese

Thurne  introduces a dedicated slicer for cheese applications.

Based on the proven compact Polyslicer 1000 platform, the new slicer has been optimized to provide efficient cheese slicing. It features a range of cheese specific components and blades that reduce friction and therefore product build up, providing better slice thickness control and ensuring high quality product presentation.

The machine is available with both orbital and involute head, enabling cheese slicing of stacked (<100mm) and shingled retail and food service packs at high speeds up to 1500 rpm. An optional Interleaver, which can be added as a retrofit if required, supports multi-lane slicing and interleaving of shingles and stacks up to 80mm at speeds up to 700 slices per minute.

“Our Interleaver works differently from other systems in the market”, explains Peter Jongen, President, “the product and the interleaving material are cut by two separate cutting mechanisms, enabling us to choose the product blade best suited to the hardness and texture of the cheese to be sliced. This circular or involute blade will deliver consistent product placement and pack presentation and – without reducing its edge by also cutting paper or film – stay sharp and perform well for longer.”

Having a separate cutting mechanism for the interleaving material also has the added benefit of enhanced control over the positioning of the paper or film, as well as providing easy access for fast reel changes, maintenance and cleaning.

The new slicer will be on show at the International Cheese Technology Expo in Milwaukee, WI, USA, April 12–14, 2016, where Thurne will join Middleby sister brand RapidPak on booth 1103.