Meet the go-to performance bacon slicer

Thurne, the experts in high performance bacon slicing equipment, have introduced a new dedicated slicer for belly and turkey bacon.

The Thurne two bacon slicer delivers production gains for both retail and foodservice bacon processors – maximizing on-weight and yield performance in a compact footprint-, thanks to high precision feed tracks and cut face vision technology. The simple flatbed design enables cost effective continuous, high throughput slicing with minimum reload time, and conforms to AMI design guidelines.

“We’ve designed the Thurne two bacon to deliver proven Thurne technology at a competitive price,” explains Peter Jongen, President, “It’s the go-to bacon slicer for the US market: high throughput, high yield, high on-weights – low giveaway, low maintenance.”

The slicer interfaces seamlessly with Thurne and Middleby’s Winning Lines, integrated bacon processing systems which include the brands’ upstream and downstream equipment, from belly loaders to sheeters and thermoformers. An external trim reject option is available to maintain a clean line for sheeted and carded applications.

A Thurne two bacon slicing line is now available for demonstrations at the Middleby Protein Innovation Center in Elk Grove Village, Chicago, IL.