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Foodservice Bacon Slicing and Packaging Line

The Middleby Foodservice Bacon Line brings together state-of-the-art equipment from Middleby Food Processing and Packaging brands to deliver maximum performance, great presentation and labor savings.

two bacon Slicer

  • Produces up to 150 9-slice layout drafts per minute
  • Cut face vision system ensures total process control increasing individual slice weight consistency
  • High slice weight accuracy reduces overpack for each box
  • Excellent slicing quality and draft presentation

ProLeaver® Foodservice Bacon and ProStax® Dual Station Starwheel Stacker

  • Automation from paper dispense to pack reduces labor, training expenses, and repetitive motion injuries
  • Dispenses and cuts the paper to the required length from economical roll stock
  • Automatically counts sheets into high quality stacks
  • Easy makeweight operation: dynamic scale stops and instructs personnel how many slices to add
  • No physical lifting of stacks. Drops stacks directly into packaging machine
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Middleby Packaging Options

Our Middleby Packaging sister brands supply a range of vacuum and modified atmosphere packaging equipment that can be fully integrated with the PacproInc® ProStax® Stacker.

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Middleby Upstream Process Integration Options

Our Middleby Packaging sister brands supply a range of product preparation equipment to provide upstream automation for the Foodservice Line, feeding the slicer via a horizontal prefeed conveyor:

The Middleby Processing Advantage

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  • Seamless integration of the entire process by one single partner
  • Centralized project management with one point of contact
  • Single performance guarantee
  • Future proof technology with optimum automation, integration and controls
  • Comprehensive FAT setup for short and timely production start-up
  • Local service and support with inventory of spare parts
  • Potential to reduce stock holding of common components
  • A balanced line delivers consistent high performance and efficiency, saving time and money

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