Higher efficiencies in UK retail bacon production

Slice thickness adjustment in percent

Thurne’s popular IBS 1000 Bacon Slicer now delivers enhanced retail bacon slicing performance, thanks to the addition of Thurne’s proven Predictive Technology.

Thurne’s Predictive Technology provides a reliable, cost effective alternative to elaborate scanning technology within the compact footprint of the slicer. It enables the IBS 1000 to deliver improved on-weights versus fixed thickness slicing.

“We are looking at first time on-weight percentages as high as 90 percent. This significantly reduces the amount of rework required,” says Peter Jongen, President at Thurne, “Customers can expect end of line giveaway figures of less than 3.5 percent for retail packs, or less than one percent for food service packs.”

The Predictive module uses typical changes along the length of the primal, such as the cross-sectional area, to generate a predicted “Profile”. This is expressed as a percentage of the nominal slice thickness and used to make adjustments to the slice thickness while slicing. To account for size variations, a pre-slicer weighcell is used to scale the “profile” according to the weight of the primal.

Complementing the Predictive offering, Thurne is also introducing a line of new turnkey systems. These lines for bulk and retail bacon slicing applications pair ergonomics and versatility in a hygienic and safe design. They use side shift technology instead of traditional vertical rejects, eliminating nip points, with off-weight packs visibly offset from the product flow. Make-weight operators benefit from single tier ergonomics with easy “lift on/slide off” weigh scale platforms.

IBS1000 Bacon Slicing & Packing Line