PolySlicer 1000

The Thurne PolySlicer 1000 offers versatility, slicing accuracy and high throughput. The slicer is the ideal choice for processors who require a compact, versatile and easy to use machine. An involute or orbital cutting head and a large slicing aperture enable efficient multi-log slicing to produce stacks, shingles or fluff packs.

All options, including cutting head, interleaver, variety conveyor and stacker, can be retrofitted on site at any time, making it easy to meet future production needs without major investment.

Features & Benefits

  • High speed involute or orbital blade option
  • High performance involute blade running at up to 1500 rev/min
  • Orbital blade for delicate or large products running at up 600 rev/min
  • Product retraction eliminates sliver slices
  • Variety of pack presentation formats
  • Compact footprint
  • Optional Interleaver can be retrofitted
  • Optional Variety Conveyor can be retrofitted
  • Optional Stacker for tall stacks ‹100mm

Interleaver Option

Polyslicer 1000 - InterleaverThe PolySlicer 1000 Interleaver can interleave a wide range of cooked and cured meats, bacon, natural and fragile products including cheese. The machine can interleave single slices within a group and/or insert a sheet under complete groups in individual or twin lane operation.

Features & Benefits

  • Independent cutting of paper and of product provides controllable paper positioning for excellent presentation
  • Easy access for quick reel change and cleaning
  • Can be retro-fitted to cater for future needs
  • Use with orbital and involute blade
  • Multilane operation

Variety Conveyor Option

Polyslicer 1000 - Variety ConveyorIn addition to the standard presentation formats (shingled, stacked, fluff), the PolySlicer 1000 Variety Conveyor produces a wide variety of portion patterns enabling processors to respond to retail trends, including circles, interlaced and overlapped shingles.

Features & Benefits

  • Can be retro-fitted to cater for future needs
  • Quick and simple change of patterns via the slicer control panel
  • Use with orbital and involute blade

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