Cooked Meat & Cheese

Slicing & Packing Systems

Thurne has been integrating own and third party equipment with their slicers from the outset, offering comprehensive lines that meet processors’ needs. We consider all machine communications when integrating upstream and downstream equipment, with the result of a balanced and effective line. Our extensive experience in handling techniques ensures that sliced groups are transferred through each stage without disruption for high quality pack presentation.

Customers benefit from:

  • A balanced and effective line
  • Smooth running in all production scenarios


Polyslicer 1000 line with manual loading

Polyslicer 1000 with Checkweigher and MC Conveyor. On weight packs pass onto the bottom tier of the conveyor for manual loading. Off weights are diverted to the upper tier of the conveyor for the makeweight operator.

Polyslicer 1000 with manual loading

Polyslicer 1000’s small footprint makes it easy to fit the slicer into existing factory layouts.