Meat Portioning Range

Speed, flexibility, accuracy, yield and cost of ownership are the key priorities of processors when it comes to case ready meat portioning, and they face constant pressure to maintain optimum performance. Costs - especially raw materials - have increased and still are increasing, so the line between making a profit or loss is getting ever finer. Front end accuracy is critical and on-weight performance, as well as low giveaway, are key to profitable performance.

As always, Thurne and Middleby Food Processing are looking at the whole process and introducing innovative machines and systems to help processors maintain the advantage and stay ahead.

Thurne one case ready Portioner

  • Significant increase in throughput above existing systems
  • Innovative in-track scanning system maximises first time on-weights
  • High quality pack format generation with automatic feed into trays reduces labour
  • Suitable for boneless, crust frozen meat primals, including pork and beef

Middleby Case Ready Systems

  • Fully integrated systems from a single source supplier
  • Optimised for reliable performance
  • Common components across the line

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