Bacon Slicing & Packing Systems

Thurne supplies slicing and packing lines for the production of all common stacked and shingled retail bacon packs, including L-board, tux and stand up presentations, as well as food service formats such as lay flat sheets and platters. As part of The Middleby Corporation, we can cover all steps of the production process, from pressing and loading of bacon primals to slicing and packing drafts into thermoformed packs, with optimum performance.

You benefit from:

  • A balanced and effective line
  • Maximum performance
  • Single source supply and support
  • Simplified line certification


IBS2000 Retail Bacon Slicing & Packing Line

Retail Bacon Line for carried and uncarried product, incl. L board, tux and stand up packs, producing up to 55 packs/minute.

High Speed IBS2000 Retail Bacon Slicing & Packing Line

Versatile and efficient production of fixed weight retail drafts of shingled belly bacon for L board and tux packaging at up to 70 packs/minute.

IBS2000 Food Service Bacon Line

Underleaving Line with third party underleaver for lay flat and platter style packs, with manual stacking and loading into the thermoformer

Advanced IBS2000 Select Food Service Line

Versatile and efficient production of underleaved pack formats, including manual grading station, for lay flat bacon as well as 3lb, 5lb, 7.5lb and 15lb platters.

IBS 1000 Retail Bacon Slicing Line

Slicing and manual packing of retail bacon packs, featuring a predictive infeed scale for higher on weights. Click here for details.