Bacon Slicing Range

Retail and foodservice bacon sales have experienced explosive growth in recent years and the trend continues. This is clearly tied to bacon’s versatility as a stand-alone breakfast ingredient, topping for burgers, sandwiches, salads and much, much more. Thurne High Performance Slicing is playing a predominate role in helping processors capitalize on bacon’s beckoning opportunies.

Thurne’s deep experience in bacon slicing goes back several decades to the 1970s when pioneering of its remarkable vision system began. Today processors can leverage Thurne’s bacon slicing know-how to build moneymaking innovation in their production processes and product offerings.

IBS4600 Precooked Bacon Slicer

  • Up to 600rpm (each lane)
  • Available in 4 lane and 3 lane configuration
  • Individual lane vision systems improve cooked weights
  • Available for belly and back bacon

new Thurne one bacon Slicer

  • Up to 2250rpm
  • Top spec vision system maximises first time on-weights
  • Suitable for pork belly & turkey bacon

new Thurne two bacon Slicer

  • Up to 2000rpm
  • Continuous feed flatbed slicer
  • Optional basic vision system for improved on-weight performance
  • Suitable for pork belly & turkey bacon

IBS1000 Bacon Slicer

  • Up to 1650rpm
  • Fast 5 second reload
  • Gripper fed for high yield
  • Suitable for back, Canadian, folded middle and belly bacon up to 850mm length

Thurne Bacon Slicing & Packing Systems

  • Fully integrated systems from a single source supplier
  • Optimised for reliable performance
  • Common components across the line

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